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FAQ Frågor och svar om motionsloppet Hisingen Runt

“What is the speed in Hisingen Runt?”

It is important to remember that Hisingen Runt is a exercise race, not a race for professionals. That means you ride completely at your own pace. There are no losers, but just a lot of winners.

“I will ride Vätternrundan. Is Hisingen Runt good excercise for that?”

In preparation for Vätternrundan Hisingen Runt idealiskt. the ideal. In mid-May, it’s time to start getting a little lower rounds in the legs. Why not run Västkusten Runts longer courses?

“I am unsure of cycling in a group. What can I do?”

Cyclists are nice people, so it will rarely be any problems. But if you feel you need a little more training on cycling in groups or on country roads, you are very welcome to join in our different introduction rounds.

“Is there food and drinks along the course?”

Absolutely! On both tracks, there are stops where it served water, sports drinks and buns. Furthermore, we serve food to all riders at the finish.

“How many participants doeas Hisingen Runt have?”

2018 will be about 3000 excited bikers out on our courses during the race.

“How to prepare for the races?”

During the winter Hisingens Cykelklubb have spinning for you to be able to stay in shape for the spring race.

Did not get an answer to your question? More information is available about the race here.

Dela gärna!